Repair Options

Below is a brief description of each of the repair types offered at D&M Auto Body. We have several repair options to help meet all of our customers needs when considering the age or use of the damaged vehicle or a financial situation. With any of our repair options, the safety of the vehicle will never be compromised. Please discuss your needs during the estimate appointment so our estimate will reflect your repair choice. Our estimates are usually based on an Option “A” repair type.

Option “A”

A complete repair to manufacturer specifications n that includes the use of all OEM parts and the best materials available. “A” repairs are for our customers that do not want reconditioned, used or aftermarket parts being installed on their vehicle and are willing to pay for any cost differences from a typical insurance settlement.

The “A” repairs will be billed at our current posted labor and material rates. This is the absolute best repair we can perform and includes a lifetime warranty and blending the new paint into all adjacent panels to achieve an undetectable color match.

Option “B”

Our “B” repair is a standard insurance repair, performed at the insurers allowed labor rates and using standard materials. Insurance policies are written to allow insurers to utilize reconditioned, used and aftermarket parts in repairs.

When possible, we will attempt to negotiate with your insurance company to allow for OEM replacement parts and are sometimes successful. Whenever non-OEM parts are used, any part fit or quality issues become the responsibility of the customer and their insurer. Since our technicians perform the same quality labor as in our “A” repair, we still offer our lifetime warranty on all “B” repairs.

Option “C”

Our “C” repair is our most cost effective repair. “C” repairs are usually offered to customers with older vehicles who are not concerned with the cosmetic looks, but do want an inexpensive, safe repair that will keep the vehicle on the road. With our “C” repairs, to save money, you can choose what type of parts will be used and which labor operations will be performed in their repair. We do not offer a warranty on “C” repairs.