OE Position Statement

Original Factory Replacement Parts (OEM)

Part type selection is usually the main reason an insurance or another body shop’s estimate differs in price from ours. We want you to have the opportunity to choose which parts fits your needs better. OEM replacement parts are made by the vehicle manufacture and are the exact same parts used to originally build the vehicle. OEM parts are the best choice when returning a vehicle to pre-accident condition for several reasons.

1) Safety

Vehicles are designed to crumple in a certain way during a collision to protect the occupants. The body parts are apart of this designed safety feature and are made to bend in a way that helps them avoid entering the passenger area and causing injuries. This is achieved by using predetermined crumple zones and a proper metal thickness.

2) Durability

OEM parts have received the proper rust preventing factory applications and primers that they originally had. This combined with being made from the correct metal thickness, makes OEM parts last longer by not allowing rust to begin prematurely.

3) Quality

OEM parts are manufactured with the same tooling as the vehicle’s original parts. One of the first tell-tale signs that a vehicle has been in an accident is by seeing that body lines are mismatched or panels not aligned. Having the exact edges, corners and body contour lines made into replacement parts is crucial for an undetectable repair that protects the vehicle’s value.