Why choose D&M Auto Body?

At D&M Auto Body, we feel there are many reasons to choose us to repair youe vehicle that go far beyond just receiving a quility collision repair. Below is a list of services and benifits that our customers and our community receive that differentiates D&M Auto Body from our competitors.

1) D&M Auto Body has over a 30 year history of meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations, and you don’t just have to take our word for it either. Visit our testimonial pages below where you can read what our customers are saying about us, with hundreds of reassuring comments. Or search for D&M Auto Body on Google to read our reviews.

New Testimonials

Older Testimonials

2) All collision repairs are not the same. When using your insurance, D&M Auto Body will negotiate with any insurance company, on your behalf, for the best repair possible, not the cheapest! D&M Auto Body usually can negotiate around most of the insurers cost-cutting repair allowances without additional costs to our customers. On items were we are unsuccessful, we will explain what they are and offer you possible options. Please review our insurance claim information below for additional advice.

Insurance claims

3) All D&M technicians are I-CAR trained and ASE certified. Employing trained technicians assures us we know how to properly and accurately repair today’s complex vehicles to keep you safe, while protecting the value of your vehicle. Click on the I-Car link below and use the shop locator. You will see that D&M Auto Body is one of the few local shops that have received the I-Car Gold status, which is the largest training program for the auto body industry. After technicians have been trained, ASE tests then certifies each one that they have obtained the knowledge and experience to properly repair todays vehicles.


4) Repair choices, there is usually more then one way to make repairs. Based on each customer’s needs and finances, we may be able to offer several different repair options to choose from. These repair options are our form of the “Good, Better, Best” description. Click on our repair options link below for a complete explination of each repair type we offer.

Repair Options

5) The staff of D&M Auto Body provides excellent customer service and communication throughout the complete repair process, including advice with insurance claims, rental cars and repair options. We also take the time with our customers for a complete explanation of our estimate so you will know how your vehicle’s damage will be repaired. Upon delivery, our staff will again review all repairs with you during our delivery inspection.

6) Thorough insurance estimate explination and negotiation. After receiving an insurance estimate, our staff will explain to you what damage the insurer did and did not include in their estimate. What type of replacement parts they want to pay for and we will also perform a comparison to our estimate explaining any differences. For your convenience, we will contact your insurance company and schedule a re-inspection of your vehicle at our shop to resolve any differences so you will receive a complete and proper repair.

7) D&M customers don’t have to wonder how their repair is going. While your vehicle is in our shop, you will receive a e-mail with a link to our daily online repair photo updates on our website so our customers can see how their repair is progressing. These photos can be viewed at their convenience 24 hours a day without having to call the shop for an update.

8) Written lifetime warranty on all repairs. We take great care to ensure that every repair meets the highest standards for quality. The labor performed by us is guaranteed against any defect in workmanship for as long as you own your vehicle.To provide you with added protection, your warranty is provided by and registered with the Automotive Customer Relations Bureau, an independent consumer protection organization. The Bureau functions as a consumer watchdog entity and customer experience evaluator for the the collision repair industry. A copy of our warranty can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Read Our Warranty

9) Returning customer discounts. All D&M customers are enrolled in our free VIP program that will save them money the next time they use D&M Auto Body for collision repairs. D&M Auto Body has also negotiated discounts on almost all other automotive needs from local auto related businesses for D&M Auto Body customers. This additional benifit of our VIP program was designed to save our customers money even when they don’t need our services, as a thank you for being one of our customers. Click on the link below to view our complete VIP program benifits.

VIP Program

10) Post repair follow-up to insure our completed repairs met our customers’ expectations. A post repair survey is mailed to every D&M customer from the Automotive Customer Relations Bureau, an independent consumer protection organization. The Bureau functions as a consumer watchdog entity and customer experience evaluator for the the collision repair industry. All comments made on these surveys are added to our testimonal page of our website for everyone to see.

11) D&M Auto Body employees know the importance and value of our customers and are dedicated to their satisfaction and our company’s core values that are described in our Mission Statement found below. Many of our employees have been at D&M over 20 years and are extremely experienced in delivering the customer satisfaction we are kown for. Our customers know who they are doing business with and we know our customers.

Mission Statement

12) Free vehicle interior/exterior cleaning at the completion of every repair, and we do a great job! Click on the link below and read through our testimonals. You will see a lot of our customers comment on how clean their vehicle was when they picked it up. It seems they almost forgot about the damaged area.

New Testimonials

Older Testimonials

13) To keep up-to-date with the ever changing automotive collision industry and repair information, D&M Auto Body is a member of several national trade organizations, The Society of collision Repair Specialists, The Automotive Service Association and The Alliance of Automotive Service Providers. Click on there links below for more information on each.


14) To show our commitment to training and having proper repair equipment, D&M Auto Body has been awarded Certified Collision repair facility status for several new vehicle manufactures.
General Motors Corp., the Chrysler Group, Ford, Nissan, Hyundai, Infiniti, Acura and American Honda. Click on the links below for these manufactures recommendations.

Nissan_Chrome_Logo Hyundai_LogoInfiniti _BlackFord-recognizied-logo FCA-logo-badge-

15) Free online estimate service for a quick approximate cost to repair and how extensive your damage may be, before coming in for a complete damage appraisal. This service will save your time and could help you in deciding whether to file an insurance claim on not. Click on the link below to submit an online estimate.

Request an Estimate

16) On-line authorization forms that save our customers time by eliminating additional trips to our shop for signatures. These on-line forms can be completed and e-mailed back to us, which allows us to tow your vehicle immediately and begin the repair process sooner.

Our Forms

17) Convenient location. D&M Auto Body is located just passed the intersection of Route 46 west and East Main St. on the Denville/Rockaway border in the center of Morris County. Click on the link below for a map and directions.

D&M Auto Body also utilizes a satellite estimating office in Cedar Knolls to better serve our customers in the Morristown area of Morris County. All estimates, drop-offs and deliveries at our Cedar Knolls office are by appointment only. Click on the link below for a map and directions.


18) D&M Auto Body is one of the largest and modern shops in Morris County, meaning we have the room for all the necessary repair equipment to make proper repairs on today’s vehicles and inside parking to keep your vehicle safe while it’s in our care. Including clean and comfortable lobby and estimating offices with free refreshments, TV and Wi-Fi access.

Office1 newshopphotos103
19) D&M Auto Body gives back to our community with many sponsorships and donations through various civic, school, youth sports and local charitable fund raisers. By having your vehicle repaired at D&M Auto Body you are making it possible for us to keep giving, so many local people can continue benefiting from our sponsorships and donations. Click on the link below to view a partial list of who we have donated to.

Community Involvement

20) D&M Auto Body can arrange for Enterprise Rentals to meet our customers at our shop when dropping off their vehicle for repairs, for a convenient transfer into a rental. D&M Auto Body has also negotiated discounted rental car rates for our customers without rental insurance at the Rockaway Enterprise office. Click on the link below to view the current rates for D&M customers.

Rental Cars

21) Our entire staff has been trained on “lean production” methods. D&M Auto Body has now implemented streamlined repair processes that allow us to complete repairs and return vehicles to our customers faster.

22) For an additional piece of mind, D&M Auto Body is a member of the Automotive Customer Relations Bureau (ACRB) The ACRB is a third party consumer protection organization and mediator in the event a problem cannot be resolved at the shop level. Click on their link below for additional information.


23) D&M Auto Body has been certified by the Assured Performance Collision Care. This non-profit consumer advocacy organization certified that D&M Auto Body maintains the highest standards of business ethics, training, equipment and customer service. Click on there link below for more reassuring information.


24) Customer referral reward program to thank our customers for referring new customers to us. When D&M Auto Body repairs a vehicle that was refered to us from one of our customers, a visa gift card is mailed to the referring customer as a thank you for “spreading the word” about D&M Auto Body.

25) D&M Auto Body can write mobile estimates at your home or work. Under certain circumstances a mobile estimate may be most practical for everyone. When possible, we can schedule a “road” estimate to inspect your vehicle, but this will only be made available after all other options are attempted.

26) Free customer shuttle service, to home or work from our shop when need.

27) D&M Auto Body owns our own towing service. This allows us to get your vehicle to our shop quickly while eliminating one more phone call our customer needs to make after having an accident. D&M Auto Body will also pay out any towing & storage fees from any storage yard so you won’t have to. We will then include all towing expenses to our estimate and will become part of a single insurance claim for easier reimbursement.