Insurance claims

Insurance companies are an important part of the collision repair process. D&M Auto Body works closely with all insurance companies to make your auto body repair as seamless and worry free as possible. D&M Auto Body handles all the details of the claim process and negotiates with their appraisers to get you reimbursed for the highest quality repair possible. N.J. drivers pay some of the highest insurance premiums in the country and we feel you deserve the best possible repair for your money, not the cheapest.

When filing an insurance claim, your insurance company may suggest taking your car to another auto body shop that is on their “preferred list”. Their suggestion might even sound like you have no choice but to take it to the shop they recommend.This practice is calling “steering” by the insurer and it is against the law. Insurance companies are only allowed to recommend a shop if you ask them for a referral. You always have the right to utilize the shop of your choice, especially a shop that you used before and are happy with.

In most insurance referral programs the insurance company becomes the primary customer to the referred shop and the insurer’s best interests are considered first, not yours. Many insurance companies try to pay for the cheapest repair and require their preferred shops to make repairs using cost-cutting repair techniques, low cost parts and discounts back to the insurer. You pay full price for insurance and assume you will receive a quality repair when using it. At D&M Auto Body we insure you do.

D&M Auto Body has several insurance relationships with insurers that we feel pay for a fair & reasonable repair. If you are having difficulties with you current insurance company, let us know. We know firsthand which companies take care of their policy holder’s better when making a claim and will happy to offer a recommendation. D&M Auto Body has earned our great reputation by always putting our customers first. YOU are our customer, not the insurance company.