About D & M Auto Body

The History of D&M Auto Body

Humble beginning

In 1982, a partnership was formed between Frank Coviello, owner of D&M Exxon and David Rush to begin providing auto body repairs for the Exxon’s customers in addition to their mechanical repairs. Word spread about additionally offering affordable auto body repairs and the Auto Body portion of the business increased rapidly.

We quickly outgrew the one bay we used in the mechanical shop and we realized to become a full service collision repair shop we needed to move to a separate location. In order to grow, we also required more room for structural repair equipment and a refinishing area to repair vehicles properly.

Within a year, we relocated in a rented shop about 6 miles away in Rockaway Township. Unfortunately, our first move proved to be short lived. After several months of cleaning, moving in our equipment and getting established, the brothers that owned the building were arrested for armed bank robbery. We moved out quick.

As luck would have it, we were able to quickly secure another rented five bay shop located only a few blocks away from D&M Exxon. This is when D&M Auto Body was officially launched as its own business. Our initial customers were mostly from D&M Exxon so we decided to keep the D&M name (which were the initials of Frank’s daughters, Diane & Michelle). 001(9)

Having a separate building was nice but we were now located at the end of a dirt road in the woods. A wooden bridge, with no side rails, that crossed over a brook (that periodically flooded), that had to be crossed to get to the shop. Many of our customers were scared to drive over the bridge and elected to walk over to get to our shop.


A deteriorating old house trailer was utilized as our office and two large dogs was the security system for the property. Even with our less then desirable location, the quality of our repairs allowed us to continually grow.


Growing into one of the areas main Auto Body shops

With our constant growth we felt that it was time to invest in our own property instead of renting. In 1988, we purchased property on Route 46 in Rockaway and designed a “state-001of-the-art” collision repair facility. Unfortunately, this was the height of the Savings & Loan crises and banks basically stopped lending money. Our project would have to wait.

Later in 1988 we relocated to a rented 5,000 square foot industrial building that was located on the same road as our current location, but on the paved part and more easily accessible since it eliminated the need to cross the wooden bridge. In addition to now having ten repair bays and a real office, it also allowed us to install our first down draft paint booth. The installation of our paint booth improved paint quality and reduced repair time. Our third relocation also allowed us to begin marketing our more professional operation and as a result, we acquired many local car dealers and a few insurance accounts. This location served us well for several more years, but we kept growing and was soon time to move again. This time the conditions were right for us to build our own building.

One of northern New Jersey’s finest collision repair shops

In 1996, we finally constructed our modern “state-of-the-art” collision repair facility and enabled us to provide an even higher level of customer service and repairs. Our new shop 001(6)is conveniently located at the intersection of Route 46 and East Main Street in Rockaway.

D&M Auto Body now has a customer friendly office, comfortable waiting area, and separate appraiser offices, which are attached to an indoor estimating bay, a conference/training room, employee lunch room and eighteen repair bays. New major equipment at this location includes two efficient down-draft paint booths, three frame machines with computer measuring, overhead spot welder, computer paint mixing system, overhead infra-red paint curing lamp and a double paint prep deck. As before D&M Auto Body kept growing and within a few years, we were working at maximum capacity for this facility.

In 2004, we acquired additional property that was located along the rear of our existing shop and began planning a large addition to our facility. It took almost 6 years to finally acquire all the necessary approvals and permits and in 2011 began blasting and removing an outcropping of rock that divided our property in half.

Click to see some rock blasting

Click to see some rock blasting

Late in 2012 our addition was complete. The addition doubled the size of our shop and gave us the needed room to streamline our repair processes by creating an assembly-line type repair facility. This type of layout makes it possible for us to complete repairs more efficiently so our customers get their vehicles quicker. Other major improvements incorporated with the addition include an indoor inspection/detail area, parts department and we now have a total of 30 repair bays.


Over our 30 year history, we have found that making the customer our number one priority is the key to succeeding in the collision repair industry. Therefore, our goal is to continue repairing collision-damaged vehicles to the highest possible standards, while keeping our customer’s best interests in mind. Many of our employees have been with our company throughout our success, and are committed to our business philosophy. From our humble beginning as a single bay in a mechanical shop, we are proud D&M Auto Body has been able to grow into one the area’s premier collision repair facilities.